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Boldo (Peumus boldus) is a chilean tree traditionally employed in folk medicine due to its properties (anti-inflammatory, antipiretic, spasmolytic, antioxidant, antiproliferative, hepatoprotective, alongside others), and it has been the only plant with medicinal purposes accepted in the EU. These faculties have been attributed to active compounds found in leaves and barks. The compound’s presence has fomented the use of this tree in international pharmacopoeia. It is worth saying that the most important active compound is boldine, an aporphine alkaloid, which has been deeply investigated by different authors and approaches. 


Technical data sheet for Boldine








Raw material

Peumus boldus


Light brown powder.



Other names

Boldine, Uniboldine, Boldin, S-Boldina, Chloroform boldine, Dimetoxidihidroxiaporfina

Properties and uses

For therapeutic use, the following properties are recognized: Antioxidant, Alpha Adrenergic Antagonist in Vascular Tissue, Hepatoprotective, Cytoprotective, Antipyretic and Anti-inflammatory. Antiplatelet and Vasodilator. Prostaglandin synthesis inhibitor. Colon protector in chronic colitis


Packing Amber Pack of 250, 500 y 1.000 g
Duration 36 months
Conservation Fresh and dry atmosphere. Photosensitive: Protect from sunlight.
Certification  HPLC Purity, Humidity and Chromatography Analytical Certificates attached

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Scientific Background