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Kimun Biotec

21-Palo Negro sachets box

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Serving size: one sachet (2 g approx.) in a cup of water.

Servings per container: twenty-one

Suggested serving: three servings per day.


21-Palo Negro sachets for infusion for seven days of suggested consumption.

100% natural endemic medicinal herb. Caffeine and theine free.

Expiration: two years from packaging.

Origin: Ñuble, Chile.

21-Palo Negro sachets box


1. Place one Palo Negro sachet infusion in a large cup (300 ml)

2. Pour freshly boiled water into the cup.

3. Leave it steeping for fifteen minutes, covering the cup.

4. Drink the infusion throughout the next few hours.

5. Drink three cups during the day.

Three sachets can be used to prepare a 1L infusion following the same instructions.

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