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Kimun Biotec

130 g Doypack (Palo Negro in bulk)

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130 g semi ground bulked herb for twenty-five days suggested consumption.

100% natural endemic medicinal herb. Caffeine and theine free.

Expiration: two years from packaging.

Origin: Ñuble, Chile

130 g Doypack (Palo Negro in bulk)

Daily preparation:

1. Place 6 g of Palo Negro (between one to two tablespoons) in a bowl or ideally inside an in-filter mug or teapot.

2. Pour 1 L of freshly boiled hot water.

3. Steep for twenty-five minutes with lid on.

4. Filter and remove residues, and leave only the infusion.

5. Drink the infusion, hot or cold, throughout the day.

- Use a strainer to infuse or filter through a sieve after twenty minutes of steeping.

- Remove the solids from the infusion to avoid bitterness.

- Reheat only the infusion, without the macerated herb.

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